Ahiram Osorio Rizo

Marketing & Advertising Specialist

About Me

Having earned my B.S. in Business Administration with a focus on International Business and minors in Spanish and Portuguese from San Jose State University, I discovered a true passion for cultural studies, linguistics, and multicultural marketing. This revelation fueled my desire to pursue a fulfilling career in marketing and advertising, aligning perfectly with my deep interest in understanding diverse cultures and their impact on consumer behavior.

With a strong foundation in business and an ardent enthusiasm for marketing, I embarked on a journey to explore the dynamic world of advertising. Throughout my academic and professional journey, I have been continually inspired by the power of cultural insights and their role in crafting effective marketing campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences.

As I look towards the future, my ambition lies in leveraging my unique combination of skills and experiences to make a mark in the realm of international marketing and advertising. I am eager to contribute my knowledge of cultural studies and Spanish to develop strategies that bridge cultural gaps and create meaningful connections with consumers from different backgrounds.

My goal is to be at the forefront of driving innovative and inclusive marketing campaigns that celebrate diversity and promote cultural understanding. By combining my expertise in multicultural marketing with my passion for exploring new perspectives, I am excited to seize every opportunity that comes my way in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

I built this portfolio using HTML and CSS, hosted it on Netlify and linked it to Google Analytics. This is a work in progress, thank you for taking a look!